POLL – Future PowerShell Tips of the Week

The PowerShell Tips of the Week feature is nearing a year in age now and I wanted to get feedback as to the direction of these tips. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Quick Powershell Stuff 29

For this Quick PowerShell blog post, I will cover some quick examples of new code I have added to some of my more complicated scripts. The chunks of code are nearly standardized in three scripts I have created recently. They deal with some of the more benign aspects of PowerShell coding. I find them useful when I need to call on them. This list does not include all of these kinds of code blocks, but these are certainly useful:
Code Section One
For this section we are performing several actions – clearing the screen (to make the script process easier to follow), set a path for file output, setting a date variable and finally setting a buffer for the size of the PowerShell session to help capture wide output (last line): Continue reading

Cumulative Update Repository

To help those who manage Exchange On-Premises, I wanted to create a repository for CU and UR updates for various versions of Exchange. This project had moved forward much slower than I wanted to and am now at around 95% done uploading CUs for Exchange 2013 and 2016 as well as 100% done for Exchange 2010 SP1/SP2/SP3 URs. If you are looking for any Exchange 2019 downloads, they will never be posted here. These are only available via the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center. Please do not ask for a copy as I cannot provide it.

To download old CUs and URs, please refer to the below links:

Exchange 2016 Cumulative Updates (95%)
Exchange 2013 Cumulative Updates (100%)
Exchange 2010 (100%)

** NOTE **

For those who are running Exchange 2019, please note that the Volume License Center does not appear to hold the previous versions of Exchange 2019. Only the current CU appears to be listed. Right now the RTM version is not listed on the site. As there is no public trial or download of the RTM version of Exchange 2019, there is no ability to compare versions. We should be able to confirm if this is the future when CU2 comes out. If it does, this will confirm an even more drastic version of Exchange update availability than has previously been known. With 2013 and 2016, there were usually 3 versions available for download (Current CU and then the teo previous CUs). Now we only have one available version.

End of an Era – My Windows Phones and Me

In 2005, what seems like forever ago, I was using an HP iPAQ 6515 phone. This phone ran the Windows Mobile 2003 SE operating system. It had a plastic screen protector that flipped up and out of the way (and cam off quite easily) as well as a stylus. The screen layout could be customized, custom ROMs could be used, memory cards could be inserted and removed and finally bigger batteries could be placed inside the case as it could be opened. In some ways this was a kind of golden age for phones where you could customize everything about the phone. It was also from the day and age when GoDaddy certificates had to be imported into a phone in order for it to work with them. Yes. Imported.
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