Security and Compliance Center PowerShell – Broken Stuff

I decided that I needed to post this on my blog as there are many issues out there in the Security and Compliance Center that remain to be fixed despite the obvious fact that they are broken. If you are new to the Security and Compliance Center, start with the links at the bottom in the ‘Further Reading’ section. Otherwise, keep on reading.
For the past year or so, even before I formally started ton congeal my material for my new Security and Compliance Center PowerShell book, I was running into all kinds of issues and problems. First, Get-Help was broken for sometime in I believe late 2018 and early 2019, which has since resolved itself. However, I still have little things that bother me (wrong switch on a main cmdlet, get-help missing examples, no Microsoft Docs for some cmdlets and so on.). So this blog article provides a laundry list of the items I have found and if you see this list, please comment if you have other recent issues to see if we can highlight as many as possible. For those who do comment with further issues, thank you in advance. Now, for the list and details of all the items I have discovered to date:
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New Book – Practical PowerShell Security and Compliance Center

UPDATED – Amazon and Barnes and Noble added the title
For those of you who have read my blog over the past few years, you may have noticed that a lot of my posts concern PowerShell. Those who have read my books on Exchange 2016 and Exchange Online also know that I dabble in PowerShell quite a bit. So it should not come as a surprise that I wrote a third book title concerning PowerShell and this time with a laser focus on the Security and Compliance Center (SCC). Now some may ask why? Why the SCC? The answer for me is simple, this is where the investments are for Microsoft with concerns to Office 365 and overall protection. The SCC convers features like Compliance, DLP, Mail Flow, Information Barriers and more. This book takes the PowerShell route to show you that you can indeed manage most (not all) of the SCC with PowerShell. So for the adventurous, or those looking to do more in your Office 365 tenant and SCC, this book is ideal. So, pick up a copy today and start learning!

As of now, the book is available in multiple places:

Amazon – Paperback
Barnes and Noble – NOOK
My website –

Soon it will be available as a paperback once proofs are approved from my Print on Demand (POD) vendor. For those who get a copy, thank you for your support!

Security and Compliance Center – New Custom Sensitive Information Type – GUI!

Over the years I have written a few articles that have covered this topic for Exchange and Exchange Online as well as the Security and Compliance Center:
Now we have an exciting development where you can finally! create custom sensitive information types in a GUI. Prior to this you had to use PowerShell. This means you don’t necessarily have to create an XML in order to create a new Sensitive Information Type. So what is this new process in the GUI like?
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Microsoft Secure Score’s Evolution

Secure Score has recently has had some significant additions and removals to reflect an evolution in what Microsoft considers important to the security of your Office 365 tenant. What I noticed immediately is that the max score is over 800 now, when at one time it was between 300-450 within the past year. Also, the number of tasks has increased to 73:
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GDPR and Secure Score

What a great way to start off the new year…. an article on Office 365 and new regulations coming before mid-year 2018.
For my past two blog articles I’ve covered quite a bit of details on what Secure Score can offer you and your Office 365 tenant. What I wanted to do for this article is tie this in with the new and upcoming regulation called GDPR. GDRP stands for General Data Protection Regulation. The regulation initiative was passed by the EU in April of 2016 and it goes into effect on May 18, 2018. The regulation is not solely for companies in the EU, but is intended to protect personal data for people in the EU. This means that if you have customers in the EU or have dealings with the EU, GDPR will affect you.
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Office 365 Secure Score: Practical & In-Depth Analysis

*** WARNING *** – This is a long, long, long article.
This is the second in a series of articles on the Office 365 Secure Score feature. In the first article I covered the basic interface and usage of the Secure Score feature. In this article I will review it more in-depth and cover the practicality of the recommendations present in the ‘Tasks’ section. What does this mean? It means we are going to dive into as many tasks in-depth and examine them in-depth as well as determine what it actual means to put the item in place.
As we saw in the previous article, there is a list of tasks that Microsoft provides the Office 365 tenant administrator to assist them in securing their tenant to a greater degree than is the default or maybe even beyond the admins own knowledge level. The tasks listed in this article may or may not match what you see in your tenant.
Each task in the list expands to provide more information on the issue identified by Microsoft: Continue reading

Office 365 Secure Score: An Introduction

If you have an Office 365 tenant and you have explored the Security and Compliance Center. On your dashboard, or home screen, you may have noticed an item called ‘Office 365 Secure Score’. It should look something like this:

Now, your score will be different (higher or lower) depending on the features you have enabled in Office 365 (due to licensing) or items that you may have already configured yourself. For the next two blog articles we are going to take a peek at this feature in Office 365 starting with an introduction in this article and a more in-depth article in the next few days.
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