Exchange Server Prerequisite Script Updates – 2013, 2016 and 2019

The last updates for these scripts occurred in June for all three versions. In this update, .NET 4.8 is now added as the default and .NET 4.7.2 is now removed as an option.
The updated scripts can be found here:
Exchange 2019 v1.12 Prerequisite Script
Exchange 2016 v1.18 Prerequisite Script
Exchange 2013 V1.21 Prerequisite Script
Exchange 2019 v1.12 Screenshots:
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Security and Compliance Center PowerShell – Broken Stuff

I decided that I needed to post this on my blog as there are many issues out there in the Security and Compliance Center that remain to be fixed despite the obvious fact that they are broken. If you are new to the Security and Compliance Center, start with the links at the bottom in the ‘Further Reading’ section. Otherwise, keep on reading.
For the past year or so, even before I formally started ton congeal my material for my new Security and Compliance Center PowerShell book, I was running into all kinds of issues and problems. First, Get-Help was broken for sometime in I believe late 2018 and early 2019, which has since resolved itself. However, I still have little things that bother me (wrong switch on a main cmdlet, get-help missing examples, no Microsoft Docs for some cmdlets and so on.). So this blog article provides a laundry list of the items I have found and if you see this list, please comment if you have other recent issues to see if we can highlight as many as possible. For those who do comment with further issues, thank you in advance. Now, for the list and details of all the items I have discovered to date:
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Quick Powershell Stuff 30

Wanted to share an interesting find while using PowerShell in Exchange 2019. The cmdlet is ‘Get-OrganizationConfig’ and I Was looking over some information from a summary report I had exported for a client and noticed an interesting field called ‘OrganizationSummary’. So I did a little digging.

Get-OrganizationConfig | Ft OrganizationSummary

We see this information about the Exchange environment:
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New Book – Practical PowerShell Security and Compliance Center

UPDATED – Amazon and Barnes and Noble added the title
For those of you who have read my blog over the past few years, you may have noticed that a lot of my posts concern PowerShell. Those who have read my books on Exchange 2016 and Exchange Online also know that I dabble in PowerShell quite a bit. So it should not come as a surprise that I wrote a third book title concerning PowerShell and this time with a laser focus on the Security and Compliance Center (SCC). Now some may ask why? Why the SCC? The answer for me is simple, this is where the investments are for Microsoft with concerns to Office 365 and overall protection. The SCC convers features like Compliance, DLP, Mail Flow, Information Barriers and more. This book takes the PowerShell route to show you that you can indeed manage most (not all) of the SCC with PowerShell. So for the adventurous, or those looking to do more in your Office 365 tenant and SCC, this book is ideal. So, pick up a copy today and start learning!

As of now, the book is available in multiple places:

Amazon – Paperback
Barnes and Noble – NOOK
My website –

Soon it will be available as a paperback once proofs are approved from my Print on Demand (POD) vendor. For those who get a copy, thank you for your support!

Exchange 2019 Built-In Scripts – Quick Blog Post

First, let me address why I haven’t written a blog post in a while. As of now I am still deep into producing quite a few Practical PowerShell books. I am the solo author on three books that I am aiming to get out by end of December. There is also a fourth book I am also working on, with a co-author (I am the co-author actually..), for April of next year. These books tend to take up gobs of my time. In the meantime, I am still producing my PowerShell Tips of the week to help those with PowerShell. So I was feeling a bit guilty about the time I was spending on those efforts and decided to put out a blog post today for my readers.
Built-In scripts for Exchange Servers are a topic I don’t usually cover as they have been around for quite some time with little to no change between versions. However, I was reviewing the content of some built-in scripts this week when I ran into some interesting observations on two of the scripts. One script should have worked in Exchange 2019 and one, to be honest, should not exist in Exchange 2019 anymore. So, I figured I could share my findings and see if anyone else had run into this and if not, then explain why these are an issue.
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Updated Exchange 2016 and 2019 Prerequisite Scripts. AGAIN!

Yes, I know, too many updates. However, I want these scripts to be as useful as possible. So. Here is another update on TWO of my Exchange Prerequisite installation scripts:

Exchange 2016Version 1.17
Exchange 2019Version 1.11

Leave feedback if you like them! and if not… add something to the Q&A or post a comment here. Thanks again!

Microsoft MVP – 7th Year!

As always, I am humbled and honored to receive this award from Microsoft. Feels good to know that I am contributing to the Exchange, PowerShell and Office 365 community. This is now my seventh Microsoft MVP award and one where I also received a second category of Cloud and DataCenter Management in addition to my Office Services and Apps category.

Thanks again Microsoft for the award and for allowing me to work and learn from such a great Product Team (Office 365)!