Office 365 QA/Dev Tenant – Part 4

Last week, in part three in the Office 365 QA\DEV Tenant series we covered a few example areas that we could extract information from in order to create a copy of the setup in a QA\DEV tenant. This week we’ll cover how to take that information and import it into an Office 365 tenant.
The previous article covered two types of settings that are stored in the Security and Compliance Center. These two items were labels and sensitive information types. For this article we will cover the process for importing these settings and verifying that we have this set correctly. First, we will explore what is set by default, if there is anything done by default. Then we will import the changes. Finally we will review the changes made.
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Office 365 QA/Dev Tenant – Part 3

Documenting settings and items to carry over to the QA tenant can be daunting. In the SCC there are 65 GET commands alone. Now that does not mean that every setting or every compliance case or every item needs to be carried over. However, if it is something that is important to your organization and it needs to be tested, then by all means document and copy these settings to the QA Office 365 tenant.
Import Items
In terms of what to copy, some of the more important configuration items will be:

  • Labels and Label Policies
  • Compliance Cases
  • Device Policies
  • DLP Rules and Policies
  • Compliance Holds
  • Retention Compliance Policies and Rules
  • Security configuration

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