Self Service Licensing for Users – Bad Idea!

** UPDATE **
Looks like Microsoft listened to all of the criticism and made some good changes. Is it perfect? No, but it is better than the original proposal by Microsoft:
** Back to the Original **
Microsoft is releasing a new ‘feature’ for the middle of November 2019 that will allow for user licensing self-service. This is not for all Office 365 licensing and is rather limited to Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, PowerApps and Flow) subscriptions. Quick information:
You can form your own opinion here:
Self-Service Purchase FAQ
And vote for Admin blocks here:
User Voice – Admin Block of Self Service Purchase
IMHO, this is a bad idea. We have Enterprise Agreements (EAs) and IT departments to handle these functions. Companies may have legitimate reasons for blocking features in an environment for support and monetary reasons, just to name a few. To put in something like this, as an end around for IT, is a poorly thought out feature that will lead to bad things and unsupportable features enabled for end users that the IT department and management will be completely unaware of unless they are actively monitoring their licensing. There also isn’t a way to turn this off. I might have been OK with it being turned on by default IF there was a way to turn it off. Since there is not, I don’t support this feature at all.
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