Public Folder Replica Script – Office 365 Preparation

Public Folders. Yes. Even in 2019 we are still talking about Public Folders. Whether this is so we can remove them, fix them or sync them to Office 365, they are still around. For the last option, syncing Public Folders to Office 365, first you may think ‘Why?’, but come to the conclusion that you have no alternative and need to move them. If you are planning to move them to the cloud, knowing your data sources for syncing as well as remote access of the Public Folders for mailboxes already moved to Office 365, can be important. This means checking your replicas. If your replicas are off, syncing Public Folders may miss information and those users in Office 365 may not see some folders.
How to Check Replicas?
Public Folder replicas are almost a thing of the past. Once support for Exchange 2010 is gone and companies finally move off, we never have to worry about Public Folder Replication again. This is because Exchange 2013 introduced Modern Public Folders where HA or ‘replica’ copying was provided by Database Availability Groups. Thus a Pubic Folder, stored in a mailbox, which was store in a mailbox database that had multiple copies was now protected by the DAG replication. For this exercise, we don’t have that to look to and must examine what replicas were configured manually for each Public Folder in the environment. Here are some quick one-liners to see these replicas:
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