Office 365 QA/Dev Tenant – Part 2

Value in Office 365 QA/DEV Tenant
In the previous articles in this series I covered the concept of creating a QA/Dev Office 365 tenant for testing. Some may ask what the value is in doing this. Cloud environments are supposed to save costs and we are supposed to rely on the provider for testing and ensuring quality. Is it truly worth the cost to add this to your existing IT infrastructure? Let’s take this question and see if we can provide a suitable answer.
Production tenants can leverage quite a few features in Office 365 that can be tested without technically affecting users in the cloud. Some examples of this are:
Quotas – can be applied per mailbox
DLP – can be applied per mailbox or just use mail tips (no production data affected).
Retention Policies – per mailbox application
Transport rules – can be per mailbox
Labels – in the Security and Compliance Center
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