.NET 4.7 and Exchange Server Support

When it comes to Exchange Server, having WSUS or automatic updates is a rather bad idea. There are many updates that can cause havoc on an Exchange server and are best avoided if possible. Currently the best example of this is .NET Framework for Windows Servers. .NET has had many updates over the past year or so. As such there is a range of .NET versions that are supported on Exchange. However, you need to make sure to match the .NET version with the correct version of Exchange 2010, 2013 or 2016. If the wrong version is installed, it may cause problems with Exchange and it will certainly place your server in an unsupported configuration.

.NET 4.7

The latest release by Microsoft is .NET Framework 4.7. This version is NOT supported on any version of Exchange currently. However, it is possible to get this update on your server due to WSUS or Windows Update. Because it is unsupported, disabling automatic updates or at least restricting updates that can be applied to Exchange servers would be ideal. We can review Microsoft’s documentation:

Supportability Matrix

Make sure to check this page for any changes as it is the official supportability list for Exchange Servers.