Tasks Retention Tag – PowerShell Only

Migrations from Exchange On-Premises to Exchange Online can be complex if you are new to the process. Knowing what translates and what does not when it comes to the migration process can be extremely helpful. For Example, there are certain items in Exchange that need to be recreated in Exchange Online in order for functionality to translate – Transport Rules, Retention Policies/Tags and Journal rules all need to be recreated in Exchange Online. The one I want to review in particular here is Retention Policies.
If the intent is to continue using the existing Retention Policies and Tags in Office 365, then these will need to be duplicated. If the tags and policies are not duplicated, then the old tags will not apply and will eventually be removed. To prevent this disconnect during a migration, it is imperative that the tags and policies for retention are copied prior to any mailbox moves. The easiest way to do this is to have both the on-premises console for your Exchange servers up and also have a browser logged into your Exchange Online tenant. With that you should be able to copy and paste the names of custom tags, or custom policies and then verify everything looks good.
The problem is that apparently not all of the tag options are available in the GUI. In particular, Tasks is not visible in the selectable list of known folders: Continue reading