Exploring PowerShell Cmdlets

When I run into something in PowerShell that draws my curiosity, I usually go down a rabbit hole to further my knowledge of whatever that is. Sometimes this means digging into the text from the HELP for Exchange PowerShell cmdlets. For example, a while back I wrote a script to examine the text for the word ‘Deprecated’ because I Wanted to see what cmdlets were supposed to be deprecated over time. While checking out new cmdlets for Exchange Online, I ran into some cmdlets HELP that seemed to be half-way written. For the synopsis, these cmdlets showed this:

My curiosity was peaked, what other cmdlets are missing information in them. In order to find these cmdlets, I used a script I had created for the ‘Deprecated’ word check – https://justaucguy.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/exchange-2013-and-deprecated-powershell-get-commands/. I simply removed these phrases ‘cmdlet will be removed in a future version of’ / ‘cmdlet has been deprecated’ and inserted this line instead ‘Provide the topic introduction here.’
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