Moving Public Folders to Office 365 – Issue 1

Migrating to Office 365 can include migrating Public Folder objects, however just like mailboxes sometimes cleanup is necessary to get objects to replicate properly. For Public Folders, finding a mail enabled folder should be pretty easy. Reviewing the object in Public Folder Management and looking at the E-Mail Addresses or the folder we see the following (as an example):

However, with this particular Public Folder, we were not able to sync this to the cloud because there was a domain defined that was not listed in the Office 365 tenant. The domains from the above screenshot were listed in our Tenant. So why would the Sync not work? Well, apparently these addresses are not on par for what can be revealed with Powershell.


Simply using the ‘Get-MailPublicFolder’ cmdlet can find any Public Folders that are mail enabled. It can also find the email addresses for that mail enabled PublicFolder:

Once revealed, we can remove the email addresses either with PowerShell or ADSIEdit. After that the folder can now be moved to Office 365.


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