The Ever Changing Mix of Office 365 PowerShell Cmdlets

In the past month, I’ve written a couple of articles on the changing cmdlets mix for the various Office 365 workloads. For the major workloads in Office 365, here is what I’ve noticed over the past two months:

What Does this Mean?

As you can see from the above charts, changes occur sometimes in small amounts and sometimes in large amounts. PowerShell cmdlets are not always added and sometimes they are removed. The script I use to monitor this also logs the changes. Sometimes, as when I am testing new features, I catch anomalies or quick changes:

Notice the change of cmdlets from 637 to 588 and back to 637. It is quite possible some testing was done…. notice the times puts it around 11 PM Pacific (12:58 Central)

Some Workloads Did Not Change

There are workloads that have not changed in the past 2 months. This does not mean the below listed services are not changing, they are just not changing now. The workloads are as follows:

  • ADSync
  • Azure
  • AzureStorage
  • MSOnline
  • SharePoint

Other Workloads

There are quite a few other Modules in Office 365. The bellows list is what I monitor as well. Most do not change, except for the one that is noted below:

  • AppLocker
  • AzureADConnectHealthSync
  • BestPractices
  • BitsTransfer
  • CimCmdlets
  • FimSyncPowerShellModule
  • ISE
  • MSOnlineExtended
  • PSDiagnostics
  • PSScheduledJob
  • PSWorkflow
  • PSWorkflowUtility
  • ServerManager
  • SkypeOnlineConnector – changed from 2 to 4 cmdlets
  • TroubleshootingPack
  • WebAdministration


My script will continue running once per day and I will post updates to my blog every now and then as to the current status of cmdlets. One thing to remember is that it is possible that the cmdlets counts posted here will be different from yours. That could be due to where your tenant is or what stage for upgrades you have set.

If you are interested in seeing the exact changes (cmdlets logs), reply to the post.


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