New Look Coming Soon

** UPDATE 4/27/17 **
After writing this article, I started looking at other themes available on WordPress and decided that the ‘Zoren’ theme was more to my liking. , so you can ignore the original post and screenshot.

Original Article
Over the next week or so I will be implementing a new look to the blog. After almost 5 years of working on the blog, I’ve decided to widen out the format a bit to give me more space to create content for my articles. It will also help me organize the sidebars of the blog, enabling the display of more links to helpful resources that are out there. The old theme is called Inove and the new one is called Andreas9. Here are the two themes side by side:

Obviously the one on the right will need some work to make it look better / be more useful, but that is the plan at the moment. As I said above, look for the change over the next week or so. Hopefully this won’t cause any issues while I test some formatting changes.


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