Exchange 2007 Support Ends Today

Thoughts On Exchange 2007, in 2007

I first cut my teeth on PowerShell way back when Exchange 2007 was introduced. Back then AutoDiscover had just been introduced and companies were using ISA Servers to secure connections to Exchange. I remember thinking about these two big changes that AutoDiscover was going to be a good thing, while PowerShell was going to drive some admins crazy. It’s really hard to remember that at one point of time, Microsoft was very focused on providing an awesome GUI (graphical) interface. Command line administration was playing second fiddle (or maybe third?). In 2007, Microsoft was pushing a new management interface, like UNIX and LINUX – command line. Black and white blinking screen. A language that required some bit of programming sense, but not requiring a full blown programmer to get good use of it. While the language was not as advanced as it is now, it was easier to use and learn than VBScript (IMHO).

Ironically, the book I released last month, with fellow MVP Dave Stork, on Exchange 2016 PowerShell would not have been possible without my exposure to Exchange 2007 all those years ago. So the product that helped introduce PowerShell for Microsoft, is now out of support…..

If you are using Exchange 2007 today, you really need to upgrade to at least Exchange 2013, if not eventually to Exchange 2016.

Microsoft’s Official Statement on this
End of Life Roadmap for Exchange 2007

Trip Down Memory Lane

For those who want to reminisce about the old days of PowerShell should look over these links:

AutoDiscover and Exchange 2007
Exchange 2007 and PowerShell
Publishing Exchange 2007 with ISA 2006


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