The long road is done. The book is done. Now I can relax…. and market it!


In all seriousness, Dave and are really proud of the book that we worked on for, what seems like forever, but was only around a year worth of time. The purpose of the book is to help those who manage Exchange (2016, and yet 2013 as well) with PowerShell, but are not as familiar with it as they would like to be. Those who write one-liners or who constantly are googling for a solution. This book will help you take your skills to the next level. We start with the basics, the mechanics and use real world examples to build scripts that have a purpose. There is some theory, but as the title states, there is A LOT of practical PowerShell built-in.

So if this fits your needs, take a look at the sample chapter and if that looks good, purchase the book for yourself! or for a co-worker…. or your whole family…. In all seriousness, the book is coming out on March 1 initially as a PDF download. We will work to get other formats out in the coming weeks once we get some more details nailed down. Let us know what format you like books to be in:

Thanks for checking this out, hope you pick up a copy and enjoy!


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