New posts are coming

For the past 3 weeks or so I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus for writing new blog articles. For the curious, I was backpacking with my son in New Mexico at a place called Philmont. If you are or your kids were/are in Boy Scouts, then you have heard about it. We covered ‘officially’ 81 miles per the trek we picked, but we suspect it was closer to 100 miles. The highlight for me was climbing a mountain called Baldy (12,441 ft.) with my son. I had previously climbed it as a kid of 17 years old, so doing it at the age of 42 made the experience even more challenging. Here is what Mt. Baldy looks like (I am posing with my son….):
Now that I am back and have caught up a bit with life and work, I am pursuing some new blog articles. Look for articles on Office 365, Exchange 2016 Preview, Exchange 2013 and PowerShell. Thanks again for reading my blog!


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