Exchange 2013 – Recent Observations

As I’ve noted on many of my past blog posts, things are a changin’ with Exchange 2013 and its various release versions. Some changes are hard to notice at first and others are more obvious. I think both of the changes that I’m writing about are less obvious than other changes that have occurred in the past.

First there is a new ‘Apps’ button that some may or may not have noticed in OWA for Exchange 2013 SP1+. This button appears when a new messages or new meeting request is created and it looks like this:


What’s amazing to me is that I completely missed this small change in this article of mine I wrote on 3/10/2014. When the ‘Apps’ button is clicked, the browser adds a side block for Outlook Apps that can be accessed:


Clicking on the “Get more apps” area redirects the browser to:


The page can be found at this link here.

The menu included on the new message or meeting page has changed as well:


From the above picture the entire Set Permissions option is gone and the below picture, the set permission option had lots of sub-options to choose from which are gone now, post SP1 for Exchange 2013.


Observation 2

As I noted my post Quick PowerShell Stuff 9, the entire set of Workload cmdlets was removed. These cmdlets seemingly were replaced with the following cmdlets:

  • Get-SettingOverride
  • SettingOverride
  • Remove-SettingOverride
  • Set-SettingOverride

The problem ends up being that there is very little on the cmdlets which were added in CU6. The various Help pages are listed here:

However each of these is essentially useless because no content is available:


An important note is present in the PowerShell help for the cmdlets:

“The New-SettingsOverride cmdlet should be used only under the direction of Microsoft Customer Service and Support.”

It would appear that these cmdlets, while available, would be not be touched on a normal basis. Microsoft would prefer you contact them before using these cmdlets.


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