New and Updated Exchange 2013 Performance Guidance

Microsoft just released a new compilation of their Exchange 2013 Performance Guidance – here.


Note there is an updated link for the Exchange 2013 Virtualization guidance found HERE.

Also provided on the main page are a set of links to various videos on Exchange Performance and Configuration options:


On the left side of the page there are sub-links that provide even more information on Exchange 2013 guidance – from sizing and configuration, to performance counters to IIS logs and the Log Parser Studio.


Note on the Performance and configuration page is a consolidated list of recommendations for hotfixes, Pagefile, networking, etc.:


The consolidated list of performance counters are also valuable for troubleshooting or getting a baseline on your server’s performance:


Log Parser Studio settings to monitor:


What makes this useful is the consolidation and concentration of this information in one place. Obviously not everything about Exchange is here, but it does make it easier to know what Microsoft recommends for many Exchange Server 2013 settings.


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