Removed Cmdlets for Exchange 2013 CU6 and CU7

When commands are removed, usually there is some warning either in documentation or help files or noticed while running the commands themselves. Just like everything else in the world, there are exceptions to the rules. In this case we are looking at commands that have been removed with very little fanfare from Exchange 2013 in CU6+ (the commands existed in <= CU5).

Removed Without Notice
So what commands are missing from CU6+?

  • Get-ResourcePolicy
  • Get-WorkloadManagementPolicy
  • Get-WorkloadPolicy
  • New-ResourcePolicy
  • New-WorkloadManagementPolicy
  • New-WorkloadPolicy
  • Remove-ResourcePolicy
  • Remove-WorkloadManagementPolicy
  • Remove-WorkloadPolicy
  • Set-ResourcePolicy
  • Set-WorkloadPolicy

Normally a cmdlet that was going to be deprecated would have two warning symptoms:




For any cmdlets that is deprecated we know what to look for. However, with the above cmdlets, they were removed without warning, without any notice to the end-user. Let’s take ‘Get-ResourcePolicy’ as our first example:


And if you review the get-help for the cmdlet, you will see no word about the command being deprecated:


What does this mean? It means if you had scripts or processes that were running these cmdlets, you will need to find a workaround in order to get your results. There is very little documentation on this as Microsoft’s own documentation page for Workload Management located here shows this:


While I understand that Microsoft ultimately controls this product and how it operates, to pull cmdlets with no warning, no documentation, no deprecation warnings, is an entirely poor method of operation. These cmdlets should have followed the same removal process as all others that are being transitioned.

Cmdlets Added to CU6+
With a changing product, things are removed and features are added. In CU6+, these new PowerShell cmdlets are available:

  • Get-SettingOverride
  • New-SettingOverride
  • Remove-SettingOverride
  • Set-SettingOverride

From a quick examination of the cmdlets, these new cmdlets are to replace (at least in part) the old workloads cmdlets:





Notice that both cmdlets are supposed to be run with the assistance of Microsoft support. Also notice that you will need permissions similar to running the workload cmdlets.

Add to the mystery is that these cmdlets have been our for a while and yet the content for the cmdlet online help shows this:


Individual cmdlet help links





It is unclear if these links or content will be updated because the cmdlets are supposed to be run with Microsoft Support.

I hope to have a write-up on these cmdlets by either next week or the following week.


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