The New MCP Page

As a Microsoft Certified Professional, I visit the MCP page to get copies of my transcript, download my certificates and even check out the neat Certification planner tool that is now provided by Microsoft. If you’ve just taken an exam recently and logged into the site, you’ll notice that a lot has changed since the last time you were there. Here is the new look:


If you click on ‘Download your transcript’ you get a preview of your transcript that you can scroll through (if you have a log of tests) or you can download it in multiple formats (XPS or PDF) as well as share it out to someone:


Clicking on ‘Get a certificate’ will allow you to download a printable version of the Microsoft Certification certificate that you have earned:


Choose your download format (XPS or PDF):


You can also launch the Certification Planner which allows you to see what certifications are active, in-progress, etc.


And if you click on one of the certifications in progress, you can see what exams you still need to take:


Last, but not least are Tools, Resources and a quick look at your recent exam history:


That’s it for the tour of the new MCP site. Microsoft has definitely put some time into this site to make it easier for MCP’s to find the information they need on their current and future certifications.

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