Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator update

Just released this week is a new version of the Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator. The newest version of the calculator is 6.1.

Here is the list of the fixes put into this version:

    • Fixed operator mistake in calcNumActiveDBsSF formula
    • Fixed missed validation scenario where the calculator could recommend a copy count that could not be deployed on the custom disk architecture
    • Optimized remaining servers formula
    • Fixed an issue where single datacenter, multiple databases per volume architecture with lagged copies didn’t calculate the correct number of
    • Fixed VirtCPUFactor reference
    • Various comment changes
    • Improved cell highlights for insufficient disk capacity on storage design tab
    • Added additional storage capacities – 1.2TB, 6TB and 8TB
    • Fixed database count validation logic to take into consideration dedicated lagged copy servers

These changes were necessary due to additional hardware options for the cient, architectural changes included in CU2’s increased database count as well as the usual bug fixes from the previous version.

The EHLO blog post is here, the change log for the calculator is here, and the download is here.


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