Exchange 2013 CU2 – What’s New – Part 2

This article is a continuation of my CU2 released post located here.

Looks like Microsoft added another Script into the scripts directory for Exchange 2013. This new script is called ‘Install-OutlookServiceVirtualDirectory.ps1’. What exactly does this script do for you? According to the description in the script itself: “Create XROP virtual directory on CAFE server”. Now what exactly is this? With a bit of research I stumbled on a mention of the parameter used for MultiTenant support:

This parameter is available for multi-tenant deployments. It isn’t available for on-premises deployments. For more information about multi-tenant deployments, see Multi-Tenant Support.

Then I found an article for Exchange 2013 – Apparently there is a different tack here:

This parameter is reserved for internal Microsoft use.

So, still not entirely sure what the parameter is for, but it is used for multitenant deployments and this script will setup this special URL for your Exchange 2013 environment. There really isn’t much more out there. If I can find more information I will post it here.


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