Exchange 2013 CU2 – Out Now

For those of you on top of the latest update news, you know that CU2 was released this week. Full notes on the update are located here.

As with any release from Microsoft’s Exchange team, there seems to be constant tinkering with the available features in PowerShell. Here are some PowerShell commands that have been added with Exchange Server 2013 Server CU2:

  • Disable-MalwareFilterRule
  • Enable-MalwareFilterRule
  • Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupConfiguration
  • Get-HostedContentFilterRule
  • Get-LinkedUser
  • Get-MailboxExportRequest
  • Get-MailboxExportRequestStatistics
  • Get-MailboxImportRequest
  • Get-MailboxImportRequestStatistics
  • Get-MailboxRepairRequest
  • Get-MailboxRepairRequest
  • Get-MalwareFilterRule
  • Get-MapiVirtualDirectory
  • Install-ADRMS
  • New-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupConfiguration
  • New-LinkedUser
  • New-MailboxExportRequest
  • New-MailboxImportRequest
  • New-MalwareFilterPolicy
  • New-MalwareFilterRule
  • New-MapiVirtualDirectory
  • Suspend-MailboxExportRequest
  • Suspend-MailboxImportRequest
  • Uninstall-ADRMS
  • Update-ADRMS
  • Update-ExchangeHelp

I am also in the process of comparing a fresh CU1 install with a fresh CU2 install to verify some of the below changes I have observed but are not documented in the Release Notes.

It appears that Export to PST and Import from PST are back with CU2.


I find this a very useful option to have in the EAC. No need to search for a tool or even a PowerShell command as this is built into your new GUI.

Looks like Malware Filters have had their functionality increased from CU1 to CU2 as well:

MalwareFilterCU1 MalwareFilterCU2

Whereas RTM had the PowerShell commands to enable and disable as well as create Malware Polices, CU1 removed this option. Now with CU2 we are back to enabling, disabling and adding new policies.

There is also a command for the MAPI Virtual Directory that was introduced in CU1, but we can only view properties and not manipulate. According to Microsoft this is not a OnPrem configurable item in CU1 and was for Microsoft testing only. I would speculate this might be a replacement or transition point for third party MAPI Tools ( We” just have to wait and see.

Another change, and a small one at that, is a newly exposed ‘Mobile Device Contact Sync’ option listed in OWA policies now. [well the default settings anyways]
While reviewing the OWA settings in PowerShell, I stumbled upon one extra value in the OWA Policy, which corresponds to that value:


If I see any more changes, I will make sure to post them here.


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