Log Parser Studio 2.0

Microsoft has released a new version of the Log Parser Studio – EHLO blog page. What did Microsoft add to this version of the software?

Here is the look from the previous 1.0 version:


Here is the look from the previous 2.0 version:


As you can see, the interface has been a bit streamlined as well as additional features added. Here is what each button does in the new interface:


Here are the added Libraries for Exchange 2013:


So what good is LPS? LPS enables you to sift through Exchange logs with a GUI interface. This enables quicker troubleshooting of issues that may occur in Exchange. Take a look at some of the reports you can run:


Let’s take a look at a sample report that could be run (see circled option below):


Click on the Log Files button to select the files you need.


The logs for this report are under “..\Transport Role\Logs\MessageTracking”:


Then click the execute button:


When the report has completed sifting through the logs, the results show up as:


As you can see, the majority of the messages in my test lab are from


From this source:

“The email address inboundproxy@inboundproxy.com is used to do health check for resources from Frontend Transport role to Hub Transport and its Exchange 2013 product design behavior and it’s not an issue with exchange server. Microsoft Exchange Health Manager Service is responsible for health checking if it is stopped health check will not happen on exchange server“.

In a production environment you would have real users and their usages stats there instead.

As you can see this is a rather easy way to create some useful reports for Exchange 2013.

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