Exchange Version Check – 2013 Cumulative Updates

With the change to Exchange 2013 Cumulative Updates, Microsoft has made finding your current Exchange server version much easier. No longer will you need a PowerShell script to see which Roll-up Update you are on if you have Exchange 2007 SP3 or Exchange 2010 SP2, for example. How do you find your Exchange version?

The current Build numbers for Exchange are listed HERE and HERE.

If you want to see which version your server is running, simply run

‘get-exchangeserver |ft name,admindisplay*’

in the Exchange PowerShell console.

Exchange 2013 RTM

Exchange 2013 RTM CU1

From the initial CU1 release, it looks like finding your exact Exchange version will be much easier now as these act more like Service Packs than Rollup Updates. This is certainly a boon to Exchange Admins, Engineers and Consultants.

Verify the numbers you get from this page. Here is the chart that is currently on the page now:

Build Number Reference

Your Exchange Server version can also be viewed in the EAC:

Exchange 2013 RTM

Exchange 2013 RTM CU1

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