Exchange 2010 SP3 – Sent Items Management

Sent Items. Seems like such an innocuous part of your Outlook experience. Sent Items is simply the place where your emails are stored after you’ve sent them to a recipient. Why is this important? It helps the end user keep track of the messages he/she have sent using their mail system.

Simple enough right? Well, what if you’ve given permission for another user to send email as you? Wouldn’t it be nice to see what emails they are sending in your name? Before Exchange 2010 SP3, this was not possible. With SP3 a new feature has been added. Anyone who sends email as you or on your behalf could potentially have those emails show up in the Sent Items folder for the sender and the mailbox being ‘sent from’. This does require some configuration, but it isn’t too hard to set up.

So what exactly can you set with Sent Items and what does it do exactly?

For my example I have two mailboxes – ‘Test This’ and ‘Testing That’. ‘Test This’ has been given permission to send as ‘Test That’. To configure the Sent Items so that items sent by ‘Test This’ show up in the Sent Items for ‘Test That’ simply do this:

Log into OWA with the ‘Testing That’ account. (This is the account someone will be sending as.)

Click on the Options – See All Options:


Then click on ‘Settings’ on the left hand side:


Click on ‘Sent Items’:


Default Settings:


Select ‘Sender and From Mailboxes’ for both drop down boxes


End result:


After making the changes, the account ‘Test This’ will have any emails it sends as ‘Testing That’ put in the sent items for both mailboxes.

Now, using OWA, I can send an email as someone else (as long as I have the perission to do so). Create a new email and click Options.


Check the “Show From” check box and click OK.


Now if you click on the ‘From’ field drop down, you can select who you want to send the email as or search for a different address.


In my case I needed to search for the mailbox as I had not sent any emails as this user yet. Click on ‘Other e-mail address.”


Search for the mailbox, click on the mailbox, click on ‘From’ and then OK.


Compose your email and send the message.

In ‘Test This’ mailbox:


In the ‘Testing That’ mailbox:


Works as expected. This is a boon for anyone with delegates as you can now tell what people are sending as you for emails.

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