Exchange Server 2013 RTM – Scripts

Between the release of the Preview and RTM versions of Exchange Server 2013, several things have changed. The script list included with Exchange has been modified with some scripts being removed and a couple have been added to the RTM version of Exchange Server 2013.

Removed from the Preview version

  • enable-OutlookCertificateAuthentication.ps1
  • GetDatabaseForSearchIndex.ps1
  • GetSearchIndexForDatabase.ps1
  • install-BackEndAntispamAgents.ps1
  • install-FrontEndAntispamAgents.ps1
  • ResetSearchIndex.ps1
  • uninstall-BackEndAntispamAgents.ps1
  • uninstall-FrontEndAntispamAgents.ps1

We now have 73 scripts in Exchange 2013. I’ve previously described the scripts in the Preview release – here. Here are the descriptions of the two new scripts below:

ConvertOABVDir.ps1 This script was included in Exchange 2010 as well. Converts the OAB virtual directory to an IIS web application. The purpose is to allow different methods of authentication like certificates or kerberos.
Update-AppPoolManagedFrameworkVersion.ps1 Not a lot of information at this time.

Look for future articles on changes in Exchange 2013 RTM.


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