Exchange Server 2013 Preview – Services Overview

With the introduction of Exchange Server 2013 Preview, Microsoft has made some changes to the Windows Services that are required to run Exchange. Please remember this is a Preview (BETA) version of Exchange Server and anything written here could change once the product goes RTM (Released To Manufacturer). A couple of noticible changes are the removal of the System Attendant and Address Book services. There are nine new services including additional ones for POP3 and IMAP support.

* Please note this is a comparison between a multi-role Exchange 2010 server (CAS, Mailbox and Hub) and an Exchange 2013 server with the CAS and Mailbox roles installed.

Missing in Exchange Server 2013 Preview

Microsoft Exchange Address Book
Microsoft Exchange File Distribution
Microsoft Exchange Forms-based Authentication
Microsoft Exchange Mail Submission
Microsoft Exchange Protected Service Host
Microsoft Exchange Search Indexer
Microsoft Exchange System Attendant

Added in Exchange Server 2013 Preview

Microsoft Exchange Diagnostics
Microsoft Exchange Frontend Transport
Microsoft Exchange Health Manager
Microsoft Exchange IMAP BackEnd
Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Transport Delivery
Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Transport Submission
Microsoft Exchange POP3 Backend
Microsoft Exchange Search
Microsoft Exchange Search Host Controller

On an install of Mailbox and CAS roles, I also had these two UM related services installed as well:

Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging
Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging Call Router


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