Short troubleshooting checklist for Personal Archives

So you’ve enabled personal archives for all your users, but nothing seems to be working. How do you troubleshoot this?

Here is a short list of things to check to make sure you have personal archives enabled:

• Did you enable the archive for the user?
In the Exchange System Console – Properties of the user mailbox, mailbox features, Archive = enabled


In the Exchange System Console – Get-mailbox |fl displayname,archivedatabase,archivename

• Did you add mailboxes to one of the Retention Policies?

(Exchange Management Console – Organization config – Mailbox – Retention Policies tab)
If you created a new policy, did you add any Retention Policy Tags to the new policy?

• Did you start the Managed Folder Assistant process on the mailbox server where the mailbox resides?

Get-Mailbox -Server | Start-ManagedFolderAssistant

If all of the above is done, have you checked your Application Event Log for anything pertaining to ManagaedFolderAsstant?

To get more event logging detail use Diagnostic Logging:

Diagnostic Logging

This can be enabled by Opening up the Exchange Management Console, expanding Server Configuration, highlighting your mailbox server, right clicking and select Manage Diagnostic Logging Properties. Expand MSExchangeMailboxAssistants and highlight Email_Lifecycle_Assistant. Set the logging to high and click Configure. Then restart the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Assistants service. Check the logs for events pertaining to Managed Folders.

Check the Application Event Log for any new events.


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