MIM DNS Record Creation Script

In the last part of the script I am creating for MIM 2016, we need to create three different DNS records – MIM, PasswordReset and PasswordRegistration. These three records can also be customized for Name and IP Address. So, following the pattern from the last two parts, we have a scrip that will ask for IP Address and names for these records.
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MIM Group Creation and SPN Script

For part 2 of this script I worked on a script that would create either standard or custom groups for a MIM 2016 install. The script will also check to make sure the group does not exist and if it does, no new one will be created. The code provided below is not complicated, but the end goal will be to connect Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the script into one long script that will handle all three parts seamlessly.
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MIM User Accounts Creation Script

As my role changes to move things identity and cloud, I explore ways to improve processes for installing and managing these products. This typically involved using PowerShell scripts as much as I can as I enjoy scripting in PowerShell. In this spirit, I started working on some scripts to help with the creation of user accounts, groups and other aspects. I will break this process into three different parts to show how this is broken up in the scripting process.
Existing Solutions
Even thought I wrote the code below for creating these accounts, there are some variations of this out there written by Microsoft and other programs which create the standard named accounts that MIM requires.
Microsoft Docs Version
Sample version 2
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Soft Deleting Emails from Exchange Online

Emails in Exchange Online can be removed in a variety of ways. Not all of the methods remove emails in the same fashion:
Exchange Online
• This cmdlet allows for permanent deletion, moving messages to another mailbox or logging only.
• Limit of 10,000 results
• No way to delete content, only good for searching and sending the searches to target mailbox
Security and Compliance Center
New-ComplianceSearch / New-ComplianceSearchAction
• This cmdlet allows for options like SoftDelete
• Caveat to this is that it is limited to clearing 10 items at a time – we’ll explore a solution for this down below.
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Microsoft Secure Score’s Evolution

Secure Score has recently has had some significant additions and removals to reflect an evolution in what Microsoft considers important to the security of your Office 365 tenant. What I noticed immediately is that the max score is over 800 now, when at one time it was between 300-450 within the past year. Also, the number of tasks has increased to 73:
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